Family Traditions: Why They Are Needed Now More Than Ever

(Excerpt: Today’s society is so rushed and busy. We fill our days with the hustle and bustle of work deadlines and after-school activities. Time spent with family is sometimes few and fleeting. Some families even prefer to be glued to the TV or to their phones instead of to each other. Is there hope for today’s families? Can we still keep family traditions alive? Click on the Title to find out!)

Little Hands, Big Hearts: Helping Children Put Compassion Into Action

(Excerpt: Do your children help willingly and cheerfully? Do they understand that serving others is a gift and not a burden? Click on the Title to read more and to view a featured post from "Hope in the Chaos".)

Drawing Near to Abba: a Message of Gratitude and Hope for Today’s Fathers

(Excerpt: I’ve been blessed with wonderful father figures in my life, but not everyone can say that. On this Father’s Day— and every day— I encourage you to draw near to your heavenly Father. He will always love you, always forgive you, and always be by your side. He will never break His promises. Read more by clicking on the Title.)

Finding Beauty Amidst the Chaos

(Excerpt: Life is messy. Life can be chaotic. But life is beautiful and precious as well, and every moment matters-- even the messy ones. We can ask God to change our perspective, allowing us to see the beauty amidst the chaos. We can CHOOSE JOY. It's not always easy, but it IS possible. Click on the Title to read more.)

“Thank you, Mom, for…”

(Excerpt: Moms sacrifice a lot, but our kids are SO WORTH it. For Moms, sacrifices become privileges and blessings, but it’s still nice to hear “Thank You” from time to time. It’s still nice to feel appreciated. “Thank you, Mom, for…” Click on the Title to read more.)