Drawing Near to Abba: a Message of Gratitude and Hope for Today’s Fathers

(Excerpt: I’ve been blessed with wonderful father figures in my life, but not everyone can say that. On this Father’s Day— and every day— I encourage you to draw near to your heavenly Father. He will always love you, always forgive you, and always be by your side. He will never break His promises. Read more by clicking on the Title.)

Be still, and know…

(Excerpt: We all need to press the pause button throughout the day and BE STILL. Focusing on God’s presence and listening to His voice will recharge and uplift our spirit. Are you taking time to be still? Click on the Title to read more).

Going Tiny with a BIG God

(Excerpt: Have you looked at decluttering your life recently? Have you thought about making more room for God? God desires to live in a tiny space with you. He wants you to see Him and feel Him everywhere, every day, and in every moment. But living with God isn’t tiny living at all— it’s BIG Living—and you learn to live with MORE, so much more. Click on the Title to continue reading.)

Finding Beauty Amidst the Chaos

(Excerpt: Life is messy. Life can be chaotic. But life is beautiful and precious as well, and every moment matters-- even the messy ones. We can ask God to change our perspective, allowing us to see the beauty amidst the chaos. We can CHOOSE JOY. It's not always easy, but it IS possible. Click on the Title to read more.)